Peru Gourmet Contest 2017

This contest is for those who wish to combine technique, traditions, creativity and present them in a dish with the flavors of Peru.

 Terms and Conditions

The participant must be:

  • A Canadian citizen, permanent resident or international student
  • A full time student of a culinary program
  • At least eighteen (18) years old

 Training Workshop

A training workshop will be provided to all participants to allow them to deepen their knowledge of Peruvian cuisine.

Technical advice will be provided to ensure a better performance. This workshop is not mandatory but is recommended.

 Stages of the Competition

  • First Selection
  • Semi-Final *
  • Grand Final *
  • *All ingredients will be provided by contest organizer

 Prize 2017

An all-inclusive, one-week trip to Lima, Peru valued at $6,000. It includes a gourmet tour and guided tours.

A prize value of $ 300 will also be divided between the winner, the second and third place.

Recipes to cook

In the first step, you must choose one of these 4 dishes and prepare it at home. The day of your presentation to the jury present your dish with originality , be creative and follow the right techniques. Surprise the jury with your good taste.

Winner Trip

Winner Trip

The winner Peru Gourmet Canada 2017 contest, Ru Zhang will travel to Lima on January 2018. We invite you to watch the experience of María de los Ángeles Ortiz, 2016 edition winner.