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BLOG | 2016 winner in Lima!

La Rosa Nautica
2016 winner in Lima!

2016 winner contest in Lima! 


The winner of 2016 culinary contest edition, Maria de Los Angeles Ortiz from Pearson School of Culinary Arts took part in the gastronomic trip to Lima during the week of March 10th this year.

Maria de Los Angeles had such a busy travel schedule living a fascinating culinary experience in Lima, recognized city as the gastronomic capital of America.

During her stay, Maria de Los Angeles was able to discover the delights of the traditional and contemporary Peru cuisine. During her visits, she visited Panchita, La Mar, Amaz, Don Cucho, La Lucha, restaurants that represent a traditional and regional cuisine. On the other hand, she have been introduced to the trendy cuisine, which places the Peruvian gastronomy in the international scene, visiting La Rosa Nautica, Astrid & Gaston, Maido and Central restaurants. These last three restaurants named among the best on the planet including Maido and Central in the Top 10 according to The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

In other activities, Maria de Los Angeles had visited the San Isidro fruits and vegetables market, a very large space where are located food and ingredients varieties. And finally, she participated in a cooking workshop given by the chefs Ruth Ascoli and Claudia Arciniega of San Ceferino Trattoría restaurant, an emblematic establishment of the Italian and Peruvian fusion.

During her travel week, the winner of 2016 contest discovered the excitement that exists around the Peruvian gastronomy. Maria de Los Angeles was able to meet the prestigious Peruvian chef Gaston Acurio, chef and businessman who contributed to the growth of Peruvian cuisine in the world.

Here are some pictures of Maria de los Angeles gastronomic trip.

San Ceferino Trattoria
La Rosa Nautica
San Ceferino