Contest Stages

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Contest Steps

The competition is divided in four steps:
1. Online Registration
- Training Workshop (optional)
2. First selection
3. Semi-final 
4. The final

To reach the Final, the level of difficulty will increase in each step. 

 Training Workshop

This workshop it’s not mandatory but we recommended to assist. Peruvian chef will provide explanations about ingredient and some tips to make dish preparation more easy.

 September 10th, 2018
 10 am to 12 pm
 Collège LaSalle 


All stages of the competition will take place at LaSalle College, except the final step that will take place at the Resto-bar Tiradito: 

SEPT 17  

First Selection

o    The participant must bring his dish to the designated table.

o    The jury will determine the score and announce 6 semi-finalists. Semi-finalists will be informed that same evening for the next step.

SEPT 24  

Semi Final

o    Each semi-finalist will receive ingredients and instructions to prepare the dish in a limited time. Participants should bring their utensils.

o    The semi finalists may have the support of a teacher who will coach them and help during the preparation of dishes.

o    The jury will select 3 finalists. 

OCT 01  

Grand final

o    The responsible Chef will give the participants various ingredients that will serve to prepare three dishes.

o    Each participant, accompanied by their teacher, must prepare the dishes in the scheduled time.

o    The participants must bring their own utensils.

o    The competition will involve speed, creativity, culinary technique and the value of Peruvian ingredients.

o    The times for each service will be indicated on the day of the final.

o    The jury will select the winner of the Peru Gourmet 2018 contest.